Google Shares its Seven Core Principles of Chrome Security



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Derail time! On Vista's UAC

While I would agree Vista's UAC was annoying in that it was "too good", it exposed one thing: a good number of Windows programmers should go back to class. A lot of "incompatible" programs I found were because it was expecting administrative rights for no real reason. For example, I had to run PSPICE as an admin. Why would an circuit analysis tool need it? Same thing goes with ModelSim.

Otherwise Windows 7's approach is pretty damn good. Admins don't get the prompt as much, but you should still run your normal account as a standard user anyway.



Google Chrome is rapidly winning the hearts and minds of tech enthusiasts everywhere...for its unrelenting commitment to security.

Wait a sec...didn't Google Chrome finish in First Place in last's year's "Dirty Dozen" from bit9? And doesn't every device in this year's "Dirty Dozen Smartphones" run Google's Android?

Please define "unrelenting commitment". Thx.



Yup, Chrome is so secure, it slows web browsing to a crawl and when it finds something it doesn't like it crashes the entire computer. Yup, real progress there. I am sure others have different experiences with it, but this is how it runs on one of my computers. Until they can actually make a browser that works I'll stick with FF.



I would have to agree that it sounds like your system may be having some issues rather than the browser. I would concider making a backup of your your important files and consider a reinstall of the OS. But thats just me. 

I have chrome running on multiple systems with no issues at all. From a windows install to backtrack 5, it's running smooth. The only complaint I have involving Chrome, really has nothing to do with it at all. It is how whacked out adblock has gotten lately. Believe me, I used to be a Firefox fanboy too. 



I have Chrome running just fine on a dual-booted Alienware (Ubuntu Linux/Win7) on both partitions. It's also running exceedingly well in a VM with Fedora 16. (It took a small bit of work to get running in 15, but it ran there as well.) It's the only browser I use on my MBP/OS issues.

I've heard of no one having the problems you have. If Google couldn't "make a browser that works" you wouldn't be reading about it's gains in marketshare every other day or so.

Have you considered the possibility that you may have system problems? If you do other programs could be affected too. Submitting bug reports is a helpful thing to do as well.



Nope, system works just fine without Chrome, add Chrome and everything works except Chrome.



Is one of their "security principles" the decision NOT to use a Master Password to prevent unauthorized viewing of stored passwords? Fail.

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