Google Sends Chrome Browser to Search Penalty Box for Sponsored Shenanigans



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Really? Google Chrome shows as a sponsored ad on the first page when i google "browser" in firefox.




not for me, though it does pop amonst a list of "references" culled from sources like wikipeida



Microsoft links IE 6th in Bing.  I think a similar position for Chrome within Google is fair.



Well I applaud the big G for doing this. We certainly never saw Microsoft "volunteer" to do things like the browser selection screen they were forced to use in Europe.

Still, it goes without saying that their advertising partners are either loose canons (which is common for any ad agency these days) or were operating with tacit aproval under the table. Doubley so concerning when we are given reports that Chrome is surpassing FF in usage. (which depends on whose numbers you read cause some even claim that IE is increasing market share because of "selective polling")

at the end of the day ALL marketing is corrupt, and all we can do is hope google continues its practice of being "marginally less corrupt" than the other guys.

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