Google Scrambles to Patch Nasty Exploit in Android G1



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Do you really think there are no security problems on the iPhone? Android is not unique...but at least it's open source, so these issues are discovered and patched much quicker than with proprietary software.

It's also common to see older version of libraries and other software - they've been tested for longer, and are generally more stable than the cutting edge. Usually security updates get pushed into older version, this is just an exception to that.


Keith E. Whisman

Man I hope that they fix the problem befor somebody blabs their big fat mouths off. 



So your really saying that I bought a phone with obsolete software built into it? That sucks. And I love browsing the the web on my G1.  But for some reason when I try to make posts here with my G1 the Google Search automatically launches and my text goes into the text box instead of here. 

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