Google Rolls Out Visual Enhancements to Maps



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"Hit the read link to see all the samples."

when reading that, you led me to believe there would be more than just the sample that was on the front page. so i clicked through, and there isn't any more samples here? the link in the post does go to the samples, but that was also on the front page. so why exactly did i have to "Hit the read link to see all the samples" if all i had to do was click on the url? i mean aside from the advertisements getting more views?

what next? having the "Read More" button linked to the homepage so i keep clicking it and wondering what the f*ck is going on?


Ryan Whitwam

By "read link", I meant the link in the text to the source. You will find five or six examples there.



Took me a bit to even notice anything.

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