Google Reveals "Bouncer" Malware Filter for Android Apps



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I have never had a virus on Android, and probably never will. Only idiots get viruses on Android. Seriously, just download apps you know are reputable, and you are fine.



I haven't had any malware on my droid in over a year. I've only owned my droid for a year also. People don't realize that the people who write this malware are very good at what they do, at least in getting stupid people to download these "apps" they create.

Ever seen some of these "apps" that people download and get the malware? It's ridiculous people even download them, they're just uneducated users and victims of phishing and malware.



Agreed. The usual dumb user that doesn't read. I've had multiple Android devices for multiple years and I've never gotten a virus. I never get a virus on my PC either. It's not the machines that get viruses it's the user! It's always the machine that's stupid, right?

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