Google Report: Search Engine Results Fall Under First Amendment Protection



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"Yelp, which has been yelping about Google being a monopoly"

Without seeing Yelp's actual complaint, all I have to go on is that snippet.

Being a monopoly isn't illegal. Abusing your monopoly status is.


Brad Chacos



Don't enable him, Brad. Make him look it up on his own :)



There are other search engines out there to use if they don't like a particular one. Going after Google is a dog and pony show to divert attention away from real monopolies, oligopolies, price fixing and corporate collusion that goes on all of the time.



I knew the oil companies were up to something



Yes. There is no reason that a search engine shouldn't be able to display any results it wants. It's free.



Spaceporker and Alexw1234:

The issue isn't whether or not Google can display results that link to Yelp, the issue is that Google is pulling data from Yelp's site and passing it off as their own content (or so claims Yelp).

I doubt that Yelp would have the slightest issue were Google listing the results and directing people to Yelp's pages as a search engine SHOULD do.

My question is, whatever happened to Google's mantra of "Do No Evil"?




The 'No-Evil' ship sailed quite a while ago and their gloves are off.



Define free. Sure there's no upfront cost, but I'm seeing a ton of indoctrinated idiots running around. They're coming from somewhere and I blame Google's advertising buddies. You probably think the -real- -cost- of gasoline is only $4.00 a gallon don't ya?



Yup. +1 to the guy above me. They are providing a service for free. If people/government don't like it they can get their own and censor their own.



Oh so its FREE is it? Thats funny, i dont remember asking to see advertisements on my screen when i did a Google search.

You idiots are so fucking retarded, you act as tho Google doesnt get paid every time you type in a search query. The last time i checked Google wasnt a non profit. How the fuck is it FREE? Do you have any fucking idea what it costs to maintain a company like that? Its not free at all you idiot fucktards.



Cartman? Is that you?



Wow, you mad bro?

The definition of free has many meanings, but for the end user - there are no restrictions, commitments, exchange of monetary funds, for the service Google provides. The information Google extracts from queries is merely data mining at a very open platform.

True, its not free for Google to provide the search results. That's why they have an ad-centered business. They match ads to the queries in the search and so make money from those people. Its certainly not free for those who want to place the ads.

However, to the End User, you're not giving up anything of importance - not your firstborn child, your life savings, or anything of the like that could detrimentally ruin your life. All you're giving up is what you're interested in and that's not private if you're telling people about it anyhow.



I went through this nice mess of a process of digging out my password just to see that someone already posted my thoughts. Well no matter I agree completely with what you just said. I've never had to pay to use Google search and I doubt I ever will

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