Google Previews New Compose Window for Gmail Users



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Erik R

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.



I'm in my email all day long, on several different computers.

On a large monitor my message is now centered over the number pad instead of my keyboard which is a bit distracting and could be a ergonomic concern due to the amount of time I spend sending emails. As razorpetti37 noted, longer emails are difficult because of how narrow the window is.

On a smaller laptop the window is proportional larger than on the big monitor but then it covers up half of the email message windows that this is supposed to make it easier to browse. Yes I can minimize it but, I don't know, it just seems clunky.

The Reply part of this functions a lot like the previous format so that is ok. And the send button is easier to recognize, for me anyway.

Google will do what they want so griping won't make much difference and I guess I'll get used to it, but jeez, not everything needs to be a box/pop-up/tile. It's ok for a webpage to be a webpage.



I tried this new compose window yesterday and while it is convenient for sending a short response to an email, it bothered me that I couldn't drag the corner to make the compose window larger. I tried writing a longer email in it and it was visually distracting to have so much text carrying over into the next line, due to the narrow width of the window. Also, seeing the emails in my inbox made the screen feel busy while I was typing, taking away some of my focus on the email I was writing.

Exporting the compose message into a new window alleviated most of the gripes above, but I'd rather compose inside my traditional inbox window. Possible solution: Compose window defaults to the new side box style, then maybe a hotkey that drops it into the inbox window like the traditional compose format.

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