Google Posts Then Pulls Gmail iOS App



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Holly Golightly

I don't know why Google would even produce an app for an enemy platform. It is like they are okay with their own platform being destroyed.

Why am I thinking about Mac Life all of a sudden?



Companies in competition frequently work together in the real world. I work for a large industrial manufacturer and we sell some of our components to one of our biggest competitors. Why? Because if they are getting business that we aren't, why not get a peice of that business by selling through the competitor.

In Google's case, they see that Apple has a large market share with the iPhone, so while eating away at their share, why not also penetrate the iPhone customers with software?


Keith E. Whisman

Google has or at least had deals and contracts with Apple Mobile. Iphones were getting Google Voice Search before Android phones got it. Maps, check. There are quite a few Google Apps in the Iphone App Store. The head of Google was on the Board of Directors at Apple for a while as well. The only person that had a problem with it was Steve Jobs. So with each and every Iphone Sold I'm sure that Google is getting a penny or two. 

Just because they are competitors doesn't mean that they are automatically enemies. Again unless you hold a seance and channel Steve Jobs and ask him what he thinks. But still he dealt with Google because of the IP Google owns.



It happens, that's why we get updates to apps.


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