Google Play Store to Bid Adobe Flash Player Farewell



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Flash is great because websites still use it. The problem on mobile phones though is unless you have a phone with a zippy proc, then Flash makes your phone lag and that's what Steve Jobs didn't like.

It makes sense for Adobe to stop wasting resources on something that no iPhone user can get since they're an important majority of the market and move onto other money making endeavors but we still need Flash because all the good websites still use it and with the exception of a few, Yahoo for instance, most mobile websites SUCK!!!! Most moblie websites neuter the experience of what makes most websites good and everything seems so plain.

Someone, please start a Don't Kill Flash Yet, Adobe! campaign.

As for me, I'm too lazy. I have some web surfing to do.


Quentin Mann

I hate flash personally. It seems to be eminently a buggy platform, and I for one will say good riddance.

Google Chrome has so many issues with Flash it's annoying. I love Chrome but have moved temporarily to Firefox because it seems slightly more stable with flash. (Only slightly!)

I'm not an Apple fan boy (I've never owned anything Apple) - but I think Steve Jobs was right on this occasion. (Interestingly, the more I read about him, the more apparent it was he was a bit of a tit - i.e. using alternative medicine, saying everybody copies - nobody really innovates, e.t.c...)

This is an interesting talk on copyright & the recycling of ideas:
Be sure to watch near the end when he talks about Apple. There is a clip of Steve Jobs singing from the other side of the hymn sheet!



So Google is dumping support for it's trump card in it's mobile war with Apple? I guess that makes sense to someone.



No, you have that backwards. Adobe is no longer supporting Flash for Android devices. Adobe is working on switching over to HTML5 support. Please make sure that you read carefully before posting incorrect criticisms. Also, anyone who actually keeps up with Android news knows that Adobe made this statement when Jelly Bean got announced months ago.



Googled around for the Flash .apk file just in case I may need it in the future. It's no guarantee it'll work on future devices, but it's just a precaution.

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