Google Play Makes Its Way To The Nook HD



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What about the original nook tablet? 1yr old tablet with no app store makes me stay with a custom rom and a kindle app.



Another impressive tablet on Sale this week is available through a site called TabletSprint -- the Novo 7 Venus is a 7 inch tablet on sale for only $139 and features a Quad Core processor as well as an a high resolution HD screen. It also offers 16GB Memory, a MicroSD slot, Android 4.2 with a firmware upgrade, a front Webcam and rear 2 Megapixel Camera, a 4000 mAh battery with 6+ hours of active use, and HDMI 1080p to stream movies to a TV. This tablet is worth checking out for this price.


The Mac

$139 on newegg (non-sale) as well, cheaper on other sites.

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