Google Plans to Make Editorial Judgments on Search Results



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Anybody who's been paying attention should be getting increasingly nervous about Google. I suspect in five years, we'll be looking back on the "evil empire" Microsoft with nostalgia.




Sounds like a good thing on the surface but can open the door for a greedy editor to start implementing pay-for-play (ala Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich) search results.



There is no doubt in my mind.  Ostensibly, they will say it will be
for better accuracy or better user results, but ultimately it will all
end up being about censorship.  Google may be bribe-proof as a
corporation, but their paid editors (or even volunteer editors if they
were to be so foolish) will be all too willing to take bribes.  Expect
to see "hate speech" to be first on the list, and it will be used to
eliminate even the most tame politically incorrect speech as "hate

"They" have been working on this problem of theirs for
some time... remember the Ron Paul campaign? That spread like wildfire
on the web (while the mainstream media covered it with barely a peep)
and was something "they" could not even begin control, which is
entirely unacceptable to "them".

"They" know that it will be
impossible to legislatively control and censor the internet.  People
would revolt into open war before they would allow the one place that
we are truly free to be placed under censored control.  But "they"
are not willing to accept a source of media outside their own control
and have probably been pulling their hair out trying to figure out a
way.... well it's easy.  Make people DIG like crazy, and most won't
bother.  Bury or remove what "they" do not want you to see on Youtube,
Google search results, etc etc.



Search results are the product that Google produces in order to sell ads just as news stories are the products that newspapers produce in order to sell ads. Google wants their results to be as useful as possible. There is no moral imperative that these results be produced by a machine, particularly if machine-made results can be "gamed". In my opinion, usefulness is the only criterion.



 As long as Google avoids overstepping their boundaries, this could prove to be a useful tool. I could see some parental control features over a google search come out of using this technique of serch management.


"Only trust a computer by how far ou can throw it"

- Steve Wozniak (A.K.A The PC God)


CURRENT HATE LIST:  Vista, Comcast, Google



"Assuming Google doesn’t abuse its power ..."

You know what they say about "Ass" "u" "me" ...



I don't want or need Google to decide what my searches turn up.  They already seel the results of anyones searches to whoever has the money.....this has got to stop.  There are other search engines out the ...GOOGLE!

Best keep YOUR opinions out of your search engine or I suspect that you will lose all those AD dollars as wiser folks switch to alternative search engines.  I don't recall signing an agreement with Google that YOU could decide what MY searches turn up, in fact, I've already noticed that the results of my searches no longer turn up what they used to......for example I search for a file used by Norton (to see what it does) and lo and behold, I don't see any Symantec entries in my results until I scroll to the bottom of the page or to page 2 or 3.

I'm no genius but I would suspect that Symantec knows MORE about what thier files do than ANYone else.  It's been fun Google and useful, but I for one am an adult and do NOT need YOU filtering my searches ^^


P.S.  btw Google, if you insist on forcing OEM's to use your' search engine (as Iv'e recently read rumors about) you will surely feel the wrath of the consumer as did MS and their forcing OEM's to install Vista.  The wise, learn from others' mistakes :)



I agree with ghot. WE do NOT need GOOGLE to TELL/CHOOSE what us ADULTS can view, read, check out, visit, or any thing else that involves CENSORSHIP of ANY kind! What The F#~k is this world coming too? & while we are on the subject about the bulls#%t on the net ... what the hell happen to public chatrooms like YAHOO once had? Just because a few parents bitch because their kids & the parents were being careless about who their kids talk to, so now ALL of us GROWN ADULTS don't get to chat? Now you have to download an IM & chat with only those in your friends list. What The F#~k is this world & the freedom of the internet coming too? Now we have soccermoms & the bigwigs telling us what we can & can NOT see. Thank you soccermoms & bigwigs, I don't know how I would of ever been saved if it wasn't for you saving me LOL WTF EVER!

 Hey, how about adding a public chatroom to your website? Help us bring back public chat!

 Thank you for hearing me out.

Let's all become ATI-GOOGLE, maybe then they might get the clue!



You're a grown adult? You sure don't sound like one.



Vegan, whats your prob? The comment wasn't directed towards you in any way, shape, or form. No need making things personal with other visitors of this website. Besides some would say you posting what you posted wasn't very grown adult like.

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