Google Planning to Launch Fiber Internet in Select Markets



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I would love to have google for my internet. I see google like the way i see microsoft with computers. Google doesnt limit people and offers a great price so i expect them to sell their internet cheaper then the dam comcast and have better speeds. Way to go google! Just dont abuse your power unless your taking out comcast/Xfinity.



Google has the cash to burn but should they? 

They are afterall, not just a software technology company, but an advertising company.

Building networks (engineering to construction), it's not exactly easy.  I foresee lots of cash being spent with limited results.



I think thats why their asking for communities to vote themselves in to see who would have the most buyers. If they offer this at a competitive pricepoint it could drive broadband expansion in the US especially considering how stagnate it is currently.



2008 April 1 " Google announce TiSP ( Toilet Internet Service Provider ).
So as I understand that wasn't joke at all ?????



You could have Google as an ISP with a 1Gb/s connection and probably still not get picked as the host in MW2.



on twitter, On Live Games made a post about this. could Gnet be what they need to become a reality? 1gbps sounds like a great way to play games that are on servers.



This has me excited. We have all been complaining for a long time that someone needs to put the squeeze on cable companies. In the past 15 years cable internet speed really hasn't budged, and neither have the prices. On top of that they now want to start introducing caps to keep people from overtaxing their lousy service. Google may just be our white knight. The company that shows the general public that our ISPs are full of hot air, false promises, and blatant disregard for their customers needs. I think if google really is competitive, people will start flocking to them in markets where it is available. Cable companies will have no choice but to change their business model and upgrade their equipment. Kudos google, for having the balls to step up and do this. Whether you like google or hate them, their move into public broadband can only be seen as a good thing.



I'd like to see this come up to Canada, so far we have slow, and extra slow. We also have fast, but at over $100 a month, I ain't buying.

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Peanut Fox

Google Tisp was hoax produced a few years ago.  



Besides the one slip up a few weeks ago Google has been pretty good about not abusing their power.  They offer great products for free in most cases.  I think with how little people trust ¢om¢a$t another big player, that people do trust, would be a great addition.  Look at how web based mail took off once they introduced gmail. 

Gnet sounds great to me. 

Seeing as Larry Page Graduated from Michigan, I think I'll toss Ann Arbor out there as one of those communities.  


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 I for one WELCOME our new Google Overlords

Just need a new Google Lapbook with Google GPU powered by Google Inside running Chrome OS on GISP.


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