Google Pays 'Boring' Couple $1 in Damages for Trespassing



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Wish people would read up on details on stories like these before commenting, especially when they're just a click away in the story itself.

A Google Street View trunk drove on the Boring's private street/driveway to get to their house. Google (or at least the driver) were certainly guilty of trespass. I certainly wouldn't be please if someone drove up my driveway to take pictures of my house if it weren't visible from a public street.



Is this the one where they drove past a private sign, up a long driveway before doing a slow U turn right next to their house?




Thanks for being intelligent.



...precedent.  As for Bing...if they are doing the same thing...then yes I think they should be forced to stop as well.  As I've said many times in other articles about Googles street cars...

A photographer must have you sign a waiver before he can publish a picture of you publically.  I think that Google and Bing should have to follow the same rules, or cease taking the photographs.  Detail down to, let's say resolving looks and conditions of neighboorhoods....maybe....but so detailed as to show actual people going about their daily lives, is a little too much I think.  Maybe the obese lady trying to get a tan in her backyard doesn't want to appear on Bing's map, or on Googles map if she has to respond to something occuring in her front yard.

I can see the usefulness of street view as long as the resolution in not down to actual people detail, like when considering a relocation to a different neighborhood or state even.  Blurry people...ok maybe...identifiable...naw.




 Geez, anyone tried Bing maps beta? Not only do you get a view of your house, you get views of your house from all 4 sides! And pretty damn good views too, enough to see my grill, shed, sunporch, cars, and anything else I have in the backyard. I would thing that this is much more obtrusive than the PUBLIC view of my house from the damn street!

 Well, Google will just have to disguise their vehicles by using a truck and see thru holes in the side. Out of sight, out of mind.



A comment mentioned that Google was on the hook for court costs. Please site the source.



Just another get rich quick scheme that failed for someone.



$1 may be all that the Boring's receive, but the kicker is that Google ends up having to pay for all of the legal proceedings in the case.



....but it also sets a precedence.  This country currently has a severe lack of privacy condition that the courts should be addressing, and don't seem to be...maybe this is one small step in the right direction?



Do you mean precedent?  Balancing freedom of speech and the right to privacy is a delicate act, agreed.

My question is how many tax dollars it cost you and me in court fees, etc, for the Borings to get some excitement into their lives.



Sounds like the only winners here are the lawyers.  Google no doubt is paying thousands in legal fees.  The Borings most likely must pay all their legal fees since they "won."

As for their privacy- they're not gonna get much of that now, are they?

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