Google Patches Chrome Security Vulnerabilities



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99.8% offtopic (except for 4 letters or so), but this kinda fits...I saw it today and I thought it was pretty funny: 

Every time you see the terms "Britons" or "Brits" in that article, just replace it with "Maximum PC readers" 


[you may now return to your regularly-scheduled commenting] 



Funny?  I'd say it was a) kinda sad in a way and b) something that I think most us were already aware of without the "proof" of a psychological study.  I think Dilbert has satirized this cultural addiction to the Internet thoroughly - and if popular culture knows, then surely EVERYONE knows. :P


Oh, and about the article...  Le sigh to the fact that they haven't fixed the carpet bombing vulnerability yet.  Especially considering they had to have been fully aware of it before release of the beta because they utilize the same thing that made Safari vulnerable. But,uh...  Didn't Safari (see: Five letter swear word [at least on this site]) supposedly fix that vulnerability like, um...  A while ago?  Double le sigh at the fact that mighty Google hasn't corrected that yet.



I just thought the name they chose was pretty funny, along with the fact that (yes, since everybody already knows about this "finding"), it was funny to limit it to "Britons" when the truth it carries is spread far wider than that.


And yes, I'm lovin' Chrome and what Google has done with it (to date), but that nasty loophole has got even me raising my powerful +8 critical eyebrow 

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