Google OS Finally a Reality



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I think the thing I'm most surprised about this whole thing, is that the responses here have been so few!

A minor undertaking by 'LittleJoe's Computerama" into the OS game would at least get a mass of cynical replies...but when the biggest techno driving force on the planet, who claims to want every bit of every person on the planets data in a db under their control, decides to toss their hat into the one place that could make that a reality...**crickets chripping**

The most 'noise' I've heard about this today stems from the financial community as they try and figure out how to make the most money off this venture (See Money Matters on Capitalism at it's best...woot!

Maybe 'resistance IS futile!' after all!!




Break out the tinfoil hats! 

I don't think Google's approach to the way they run their business is any different than the folks in Redmond. They (M$) want to have as much of their product on your PC and in your home as you are willing to pay for, and in rare cases, offered for free (Windows Defender).

I think the totalitarian approach that Micro$oft has taken has been more well received by the general public because they brought us the all-mighty Windows, but how many antitrust suits have been filed against them around the world? 

Regarding Google's "claim to want every bit of every person on the planets data in a db under their control", that is up to the user and whether they elect to put all of their eggs in the Google basket. Google is merely providing a single-vendor solution for things that most people currently spread across several web-based services.

Before the accusation is thrown out, I am not a Google fanboy by any means. The only two products I use are Chrome (web browser) and Gmail, and I have no intention of using the new OS (barring any major advantages or advancements over Linux or Windows). I just think it's not right to dig on a company that tries to challenge Micro$oft on all fronts on the grounds that there is some data-hording conspiracy.




I've used Chrome exclusively since the day it was released.  I can't go back to something as slow as Firefox, or as non-standards-compliant as IE.



 Lol, hopefully I will be on Mac OS X by the time GOS (Google OS) comes out as seriously.

 1) Linux is still 10 years behind in ease of use for the end user. As installing is getting better but its no snap.

 2) The Shell will not die.

3) After seeing chrome, GOS will be the buggiest OS EVER...crash crash crash, update update update.

 4) More Confusion.

Its a nice try, but it seriously won't go anywhere as it would be only useful for the home users, and most of us are already happy with Mac/Windows.




I like the idea but just like the browser war, there's already too many flavours of opened source OS.  I like Chrome but it just wasn't enough to pull me away from Firefox, which I' so used to.  Maybe they need to concentrate on improving Chrome before moving into the Open OS areana, though I can see them being a force to reckoned with if they can make it really easy to use for the masses with their netbooks.



I was hoping Google would have come up with somthing more original.




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