Google Open Sources VP8 Codec as the WebM Project



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As a software engineer and IT professional, I am not one of these people that believes that all software should be open-source, free as in speech, or most certainly free as in beer.  However, I do believe that most, if not all, formats for all data -- multimedia or otherwise -- should be open, or at least standardized.  You can keep your implementations as closed as you like, and charge whatever you want for your products, but it is in the best interest of everyone that formats be shared and standardized (with rare exceptions for security purposes or internal-use formats).

So go VP8!




 Slow but steady progress for HTML5. 




Flash will integrate the codec. There will also be a direct show plugin. The quality is a little worse than H.264 but better than VC-1



You failed to realize that Wave was opened up to the public today...  Well... Yeah... I said it.... You wanna write an article on it now?


My exploding trick: Any iPad/Phone/Mac haters get a lot of silly putty, then clog up the speakers on iPad and iPhone or vents (if they exist) on an iMac and wait for a few minutes... then....



The Creator of that



And let's take a look at the actual codecs. I can download a clip encoded in H.264 and play it in Windows Media Player, VLC player, etc.  I can do the same with a WMV.  I choose to use H.264 because I can get 640x480 (DVD) quality with H.264, and only use 35% to 50% of the space I would use for a WMV.

So, what I don't know (and no one EVER seems to talk about this, for some reason) is:

  • Does flash offer better video compression rates than H.264?
  • How do the compression rates for V8 compare to H.264 and flash?

Because, as much as I love Google, like Adobe, and despise Apple (and by extension the technologies they support), if the compression rates aren't competitive, then I am going to be spending longer downloading, and less time watching. 



Stinky Fartface

Flash for video is just a wrapper, just like Quicktime or AVI. As of Flash 9, you could encode using the H.264 codec within the Flash wrapper as a F4V file. Theoretically it should offer the same compression/quality ratios.



According to this, the VP8 codec is better than theora, but not really a competitor to h.264. H.264 seems to be the best thing out there, but the whole patents that are going to spring up in 2015 thing makes it not a very forward-thinking thing.

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