Google: No Private Google+ Profiles for You!



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About time someone makes folks use their REAL NAME on web postings. Blizzard tried this with their battle net accounts and were slammed hard about it (they backtracked). Be interesting to see the backlash to Google.



Sometimes, I just don't get why some companies are some dumb. What happens if I only want to share my info with JUST MY FRIENDS? Doesn't Google want to take over the world!? What's wrong with them! To make world domination a possible thing, you have to do what people want, and that's what Google should do.

a) Allow better privacy settings

b) Do not store our shit on your servers until we delete them or when the account closes

c) Do not sell our information, and do the things that Facebook done wrong

Google, seriously man?



that was a huge turnoff when i first read it but once i read the rest of the article then i don't see a problem with that. the title and intro paragraph are just a lil misleading. they make it sound like no privacy whatsoever.


Holly Golightly

I don't mind having my name and gender exposed to the world. I just hope they don't do what FaceBook does. That is, keep your photos within their servers for life. That, and record your infomation, and then sell it to advertisers. FaceBook's method about privacy, above all is the worst thing I have ever seen done to a social network.




I don't imagine this will be a huge issue for many.  If anything maybe it will cause people to be more responsible online and maintain a respectable reputation.  People should always be careful about what information they put online.  Name is usually enough to glean gender anyway.  And people's names have been published in the phone book for years.  Private numbers cost money.  Maybe google will be rolling out a pay-for-private option.  I imagine that would deserve more negative attention than this.




Google points out that your full name and gender are the only required information that will be displayed on your profile and you're free to edit or remove any other information you want to keep private.


If that's the case then people won't see any info that you can't find on almost any other social networking site now. Even private FB profiles show your name. If you are really that worried about privacy you shouldn't list any other info anyways.



Yeah, if you can pick what you share with various circles anyway, I don't really understand what the point of a private profile would be. So you remember your own name?

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