Google Music Expected To Officially Launch November 16



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I cant even upload all my mp3's, I have almost 60,000 files.


Keith E. Whisman

you can for a fee I'm sure. I think it's going to be free up to 20,000 songs and then fees start after that. I really like the Itunes plan but I don't like the costs involved. 


Tyger :)


Keith E. Whisman

You left out the iPhone. I'm using 2 different apps on my iPhone 4$ that seem better than the one I had on my android phone,they run smoothly and intuitively and I can breeze through my 18000 song library quicly. The iphone apps load the library quicker on a slower network (sprint). 


Are going to start charging a fee to access my music library or is it going to be free for the first 20,000 songs?



you seem a bit lost.



I've been using the beta since this summer, I'm so glad I got it.  My old hard drive with all my music on it broke and I didn't have a backup but thankfully it was all on google music.  Saved me a lot of trouble.  I should probably re-download it though, just for safety.


And I really want to see what they do to improve it from what it is right now.  I mean, I love it, but I could see a lot they could do to change it.  



Hopefully it's better than the iTunes store. 

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