Google Music Dropkicks Beta Tag, Aims to Roundhouse iTunes



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Thought this would be worth checking out.  So far nah.  Why would I need to give Google credit card information to download free songs.  Free means no money, so what's the deal?  Not about to upload my 20K plus songs, I can already access them just about anywhere with Orb.  Right now, I download lots through Amazon so probably won't use Google Music much, if at all.


teh 1337 haxxor

One Question: Can I download the music I purchase as FLAC?



FYI - Open for business except for everywhere else other then the US.  Us canadians should be expecting this by now...  Still hurts though.



That's one of the reasons Zune killed itself (other than MS being idiots in its marketing:) it was basically limited to the US. Google should know better. I'm an iTunes-user but I welcome competition. End-users never benefit from monopolies.

iTunes is the biggest legal distributor of music right now. I doubt that will change but I would like to see Google and others succeed as well. I believe they could get enough marketshare to keep us all happy. It will also keep Apple from becoming complacent...which means I get more features and stuff.

There's no reason IMO that Canadians should be left out of anything the US isn't. Seriously. It's BS.



We're sorry. Google Music is currently only available in the United States



There are other places? Sometimes, I find that hard to believe....

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