Google Might Launch 32GB Nexus 7 Tablet in Time for Holiday Shopping Season



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not so bad...



I work at a electronics retail that carries the nexus and we only have the 16gb version but when i look it up in the system it turns out a 32gb was also listed and it was listed for the same price as the 16gb and I will say I'm in the U.S so I think they will do it here in the U.S also



I don't understand why it's not a standard feature to have a SD card slot on any mobile device that requires storage space.

My 2 year old phone has a microSD slot that accepts 32GB cards so there's no reason why gadget makers can't include one in their devices?



Little annoyed by this. I bought the 16GB Nexus soon as I could get my hands on one. I knew about the storage limitations but with good resolution screen, Tegra 3 and a Nexus device at 200 pounds which on top of; they gave you a 15 pound Google play voucher? It was still a good buy.



They should still offer the microsd card slot with the new Nexus 7, plus I want a rear facing Camera as well as a front facing camera. Those are the 2 things holding me back from getting the Nexus 7



What about the fact that it's Google?

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