Google May Break Ties With US Chamber Of Commerce Over SOPA



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doesn't this group sound like every other branch of the government. Clueless and making rules to be enforced just to show they have power while providing nothing to the community. 

Why does the CoC require membership dues for anyway? Thats the reason why unions want everything unionzed but for dues. Bunch of conartist money laundering assholes. 



C'mon, seriously?  "Branch of government"?  There are only 3 branches of government: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.  4th graders know this.  Given the fact that you don't know this basic fact about the government, you might want to check your facts on calling labor unions a "Bunch of conartist money laundering assholes".

Also, this:

But hey, educating yourself is hard.  It's much easier to believe what Fox News tells you.



Actually, the CoC is an independent lobbying group, not a governmental entity.


Ghost XFX

Another example of government over reaching anyhow, trying to be everyone's nanny.



Ah, the "nanny state" argument.  I'm not sure how you managed to hammer that one into a conversation about a lobbying group.



I keep finding it totally amazing how so many in positions of power can be so totally stupid. Does the CoC understand how many websites there are and how many are connected to piracy in one form or another? I can't see any company having the resources to "police" any and all of the sites with "copy right infringing" material. It'd be like p@ssing into the wind. All you end up having happen is you get covered in p@ss.



I dont care. Nothing in this post has any thing to do with my pc


Device Unknown

huh? It has EVERYTHING to do with your PC. How shallow minded can you be?

It's like everything else in the US, first they start small, remove your rights small bits at a time, piece by piece. And the uninformed, non thinker like yourself says "it's just a small thing, no biggy" then allll those little bits start adding up, and BAM next thing you know, you're in China. Where "big brother" now tells YOU what you CAN or can NOT view on the internet (humm, sounds like Apple).

We have historical precedence, it's not just our Internet rights, it's all our rights. Think Seat belts, insurance, guns, smoking, etc etc. If they get this passed who says they will stop at pirating? All they have to do next is block some site like MPC saying they have 3 words that someone else said somewhere else and use the precedence of "copyright infringement"

So please, try to think beyond your games on the computer.


Markkus Rovito

How awesome it must be for you to not care about what's going on in the world at large. I wish you luck enjoying your PC in a world in which online sites are deputized against their will to enforce archaic IP laws.



The chamber of commerce is batshit crazy and google should tell them to go fuck themselves.



+1,000,000.  The CoC are just a bunch of A-holes anyway. I've worked with CoC's in several different cities - the only service they have ever provided me, as a small-business manager, is to call me 11 months after my initial enrollment to ask me to renew my membershit (spelling mistake intentional).  In my opinion, the CoC is a group of con artists with nothing to offer except vacuous stares and empty promises of a business network.  If you ever own a small business do yourself a favor and save yourself a few hundred bucks.  The CoC won't do anything for your business you couldn't do better with an ad in a newspaper - and the newspaper will do it for half the cost.

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