Google Launches Phone Tweeting Service as Last Egyptian ISP Goes Down



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If anything, this is the perfect reason to ensure net neutrality.  This kind of stuff is happening because engineers and companies don't have to wade through a mountain of contract red tape to put a new service on-line and control of such services isn't bottlenecked through a handful of ISPs and their greedy board of directors.



EXACTLY! I couldn't have said it better myself.

Give this man a cookie!



If Google was that concerned why didn't they just buy Egypt?

p.s. that was a joke



How do the egyptian people know what to call? they have no internet...



One of the popular ways to get in contact with Egyptians is via Fax, so I have already faxed this article/info to about 10 fax numbers. It's hit or miss if these faxes are reaching the proper channels, but you can hope for the best and wish the info is spread around within Egypt via word of mouth.

Here is a public document with free fax services and lists of fax numbers within Egypt. Simply copy and paste the 9 digit fax number and copy and paste the article or relevant info from the article with the fax...





Great stuff from Google and Twitter.

Just going to show that you cant silence the voice of the people.



Google (and Twitter and SayNow) FTW. Their voices must be heard (the Egyptian people).


I called the 3 numbers (only the first worked with skype) and got to listen to the most recent message (I assume its the most recent).


THIS is amazing usage of technology.

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