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This would be great for towns to get together and implement their own fiber network, but we have seen what happens when someone actually tries to do it. They get cock blocked with law suits by telecoms. The telecoms tie them up in court long enough to get a bandaid in place and keep the public project from being able to fund its self. For those that don't know what I am talking about, here is an article about it:

The greed of our telecoms / isps knows no bounds.



Not all Telecoms and ISPs are like that.  There are some that with out prompting from the community have started rolling out fiber networks.  I work for one and we have 1 town fully outfitted, we have also just got apporved for a a grant to completely overbuild a new town that only has dialup from ATT and a few others and that has been all they can get to them until now.  And we have three to four other towns that are mostly fiber and we are working in phases to finish out the towns that do not have it and once that is done we will be expanding to more towns/rural customers. 

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