Google to Launch "Google Storage" Service at I/O



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Great article highlighting the need for everyone to have a much higher computer/data security awareness.  I wouldn't trust any of the online data storage providers, frankly.  What control do you have over their policies, hires, maintenance?  None.  Check a (free) blog, "The Business-Technology Weave" (can Google to it) - it reflects the concerns of this article.  It’s hosted at IT Knowledge Exchange - that site gets over a million hits a month for good reason - it has great Q&A forums for everything technical and otherwise - ALL FREE.  The blog author also has a book we use at work, "I.T. WARS" (you can Google that too).  It has a great Security chapter, and others that treat security.  Highly recommended.  Great stuff.



No one should ever trust any corporation, especially one as large and with as much access to information as Google.  Corporations in general are psychopathic entities whose goal is to maximize profits.  As long as people value their privacy, Google and other information-based corporations have an interest to provide a sound privacy policy to their customers.  But as Facebook has shown lately, many millions of people don't really seem to care about their privacy.  It's a disturbing trend.

Fortunately there are still many people that value privacy and Google seems to respect that.  It is likely that Google will offer encryption services with their data storage if not immediately then soon after release.  I would utilize Google's data service because it will probably be top-notch and cheap, but I would definitely take precautions to ensure any of my own intellectual property or sensitive personal information is secured against at the very least a data breach.



I wouldn't trust Google with my data. I'd encrypt it before uploading if I were to use their service.



I just don't understand why.  Did google hook up with your sister and not call her back?  Did they post nude photos of you on your employer's official website?  What are you keeping in this data that you don't want them to have, and what do you think they're going to do with it?  God forbid they use it to try to help you find a product or service that you'd like to buy based on your interests, is there a more heinous sin than that?

I get it if you love to pirate movies and music, you wouldn't want to store that data in the cloud under any circumstances though.


Mighty BOB!

It's about control.  You're taking away your own personal control of your data and giving it to strangers.


Also yea, advertising is pretty annoying, regardless of whether it is targeted or not.


Also Privacy.



Would I trust google with my important data?

I already do, with google docs and mail.  So yes.

With my confidential business data?  NEGATIVE - sci-fi and other cool stuff---

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