Google Issues Cease and Desist Letter to Android ROM Modder



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As a user of the Cyanogen mod, I'd say Google needs to lighten up and cut this guy a check. If I couldn't run this guy's firmware, I'd probably switch back to another phone. The original OS that came on this phone was kind of slow to begin with, but feels like running in syrup compared to how speedy this guy's ROM is. I'd be interested to see what wouuld happen if Google had some developers with the talent and fan base that this guy has.



Took the words out of my mouth.  Cyanogen's ROMs are the best.  His experimental one rightnow,, is beyond phenominal.  This would really be a hit to the Android community if he had to stop.  I wouldn't consider an Android phone again because of it.  I may have to cross over to the dark side and get a jailbroken iPhone(shudders).



Yean it's like Open-Source (tm).  From MS, I would expect this, but it seems lately, the Big G is getting alot more protective.



Both this article and the G1 Hack Guide repeatedly refer to Cyanogen as Cyanongen. Please proofread!



 That's a little upsetting. Almost sounds like "Our open source is copyrighted" however they do have a case. But Cyanogen also does, since he is intending it all for the phones it was originally created for. 

I don't like Microsoft, I associate with it.



Yes, it certainly is disappointing considering Google touted Android as open-source.



Well, its not the OS they are complaining about, its the closed source addon stuff.  A company has to protect their rights or they lose them.  I understand where they are coming from.  I hope they can work something out with the guy though, apparently he is doing some outstanding work. 


I Jedi

Agreed, it's not the OS they're upset about, it's the closed-source addons... However, for this guy to have to stop his development on the Android platform would be a major blow. Google should work something out witih him, rather than shaft a great project happening in the Android community.

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