Google Isn't Planning to Merge Android and Chrome



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Placing Android onto Chromebooks makes perfect sense to me. The chromebook pixel + android apps would make it worth the price of admission. However, placing Chrome OS on Android I don't really see the point. I would love for Chrome OS to gain access to android though.



I'd be complacent with app compatibility. To hell with anything else!



I'd switch to Chrome before paying rent to use Windows.



If the platforms merge that might be the final straw that sends me away from Google...the only thing keeping me so far is that there is no where else for me to go for a smartphone.

IMO Google has bigger issues to deal with before merging these 2 disparate OSes.

Besides, what advantage would I find in having Chrome OS grafted onto my Android OS? What's in it for Joe Consumer?



He said it all, "both will remain independent operating systems serving two different markets."

Let's hope they stay committed to that approach. I think it would be a big mistake to try merging the two.


Renegade Knight

I'm thinking the opposite. Android has traction. Chrome has a toe dipped in the OS pool. They need to merge the two so that your Phone, Tablet, and PC are all speaking the same language and more importantly doing "the job" well.

I also think Microsoft is on the right track. Xbox, Phone Phone, TB (Tablets) and 8 (Desktops and high end tablets) are all starting to allow that convergence of data and usage that make them much more seamless.

Of course how much people actually like 8 is a different debate than the idea behind it.



I have to agree with you. I like the idea of Chromebooks, but only to copy just about any other Linux onto the thing and use it as a lightweight computer (as opposed to cloud-based appliance). This really is the way Linux can sneek up onto the Desktop (mostly when nobody is noticing).

The other side of things are the same as why Win8 sucks so much. Trying to stuff a bunch of apps that demand a touchscreen and assume no real keyboard is not going to make users happy. I still think the experience would be better than using some sort of silly cloud based system.



All Google has to do is look over at Microsoft and see how not to do it. Win 8 is phone/xbox/tablet and desktop OS rammed into one.

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