Google I/O 2013: Everything You Need to Know



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just before I looked at the paycheck ov $9670, I have faith sister actualy making money in their spare time at there computar.. there uncle has done this less than fifteen months and by now cleared the mortgage on their condo and bought a gorgeous opel. we looked here,



No mention of Google Maps WebGL Earth View??



I don't care about Google play to have anything to do with social anything. All I want is for it to have much better filters/categorization, like Amazon. I hate that everything is all together. If I want to look for strategy games, show me strategy games! Right now there are like 8 categories without any subcategories, and those categories don't even make sense... "Live Wallpaper" under "Games"? No "Strategy" or "RPG"? It really sucks, I never go to Google play since every time I've tried to browse through it, it's been a frustrating experience.



I forgot about Google+ - is that still on the map as far as social networking goes?

And if the saying is true about imitation being the sincerest form of flattery, Microsoft must be feeling a lot of love. Google, in my opinion, is trying to do too many things and BE too many things to too many people. They have so many products, nothing really distinguishes their brand other than Android and even then, I bet only more tech savvy people know that Android is a product of Google.



It should be obvious that Google wants to own content delivery at this point. You may think they have their hands in too many pots, but they're actually all the right pots for what Google wants to do. I think they have a long term strategy, and will eventually be the preeminent provider of just about any kind of content on just about any device. Wait 10 years and tell me I'm wrong.



I agree. They have use free for all system, but paid ad content or consumer consumption business model.
Look at all the things they are involved in.

Search Engine
Mobile OS
Laptop OS
Manufacturer of Phones
Music Service
Social Networking
Cloud Services
Google Docs
Communication Infrastructure

Its almost impossible to not use Google service or device, but many do because they deliver a great consumer experience and/or product.



Not only is Google + around, it seems like the company is going double down on it, adding a bunch of features.

And they do have a lot of products and you could argue that they have too many hands in to many different pots (errr....I believe the saying is something like that...), it did close Google reader in order to refocus, or so they say.  



Thanks for the reply because my question about whether anyone was using it was legit! I guess it must be doing better than I thought... I just NEVER hear anyone say, "Hey, I got these pictures on my Google+, check them out" or even on commercials that use the "follow us on "

And I think the saying is, too many hands in the pot or too many chefs in the kitchen :)

And "refocus" on more, new products lol.



First I/O in a while without an android OS update introduced.



absolutely, I was looking forward to more confirmations of Key Lime Pie and which devices will get it and ones to look forward to.

Also, i was looking forward to hearing more about Google/Motorola Project X phone.

Overall I was kinda disappointed in Google I/O this year.

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