Google Introduces Open Source Web Security Scanner



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Kira Shannen

I thought Nmap was really good so I was content with it. I mean, I was feeling safe with it and the Cloud computing security. With all these upgrades, my head started spinning. This software does seem to do a sweet job, though, I think I'll take a shot and check it out. Thank you for the useful post.



My main complaint is not the scan rate of B/W or grayscale scans. I would be very happy with a 10 PPM grayscale document scanner. The problem is that the scanner / software package does NOT scan in grayscale. The scanner DOES send the images to my iMac in GRAYSCALE and then the horrible software converts it to B/W. Yes you heard me right! They take a perfectly legible (8 bit, 256 levels of black) grayscale image and turn it into a very poor quality B/W (2 bit, 2 color) illegible image. I can't for the life of me understand why they would do such a thing.See Here: neatdesk scanner

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