Google Hiring Product Manager for "Games at Google"



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I believe this is a very smart move. I believe the majority of comupter users have average computers that run onboard video instead of a powerful discrete graphics card. Especially with Sandy Bridge and AMD APUs rolling out, Google making games is smart. Although there is a hardcore gaming community, they only make up a a small percentage of computer gamers. I am a hardcore gamer with a kick@ss computer build but I wouldn't knock google for making games on chrome web store.

I played angry birds on the chrome web browser. It rocks for me because I don't have much time to game some days. If I want to kill 10 minutes, I just load up a game from the chrome web store and have at it. If I have Starcraft 2 up, I'm guaranteed to be on for more than 30min so I don't even touch it sometimes.



Gaming and stuff on the chrome web store isnt really that great. Mobile gaming is great, but when im on my computer i'm not going to play angry birds because I have Crysis and Starcraft and other games that browser based games cant come close to. So, this better be for android.

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