Is Google+ Hip Enough for Teens? Google Aims to Find Out



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Google+ is convoluted garbage, but the biggest strike against it is no one I know uses it, so there's no reason for me to deal with it's crappy layout.

Add to this the fact that Google has made no bones about how it will track all your data throughout it's entire ecosystem, and gladly share said data with the government without even so much as a warrant, guarantees that I will NEVER put my social information on their network.



I did not know they were previously excluded from joining beforehand. I think it becomes clearer why Google wants to target them once one has pondered long enough. We all know that many kids probably use the internet far more often than adults do. It is possibly a good way to increase their numbers quicker as well as better influence others to join up. More does need to be done to encourage youth, that too of adults, to realize that online safety is very important. Acquiring someone's personal information nowadays is easier than ever. Many do not know how dangerous it is until they are directly affected. In truth there is not much we can really do about it; that especially being said when we are referring to stubborn teenagers. Google+ actions will more likely cause many youth to not use their service.



Funny what you guys choose to report on when it comes to Google

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