Google Goes Retail in London Town



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Will you stop calling "Christmas" the "Holiday Season". That really grinds me!!!




We used 'holiday season' because, although most of the Maximum PC staff celebrates the ancient and glorious tradition of Festivus, we are sensitive to the fact that not everyone shares our beliefs. 


Holly Golightly

I am looking forward to my Festivus Day miracle! ;)



I am so glad I came across this post from you guys today. I HAVE SERIOUSLY  been affected.  I use chrome as my main browser and I also use MSE and of course I have all of the other browsers at my disposal, as well as multiple options for malware removal.  Out of the blue, a few days ago, I went to open another tab in chrome, and...... nothing.  Closed out chrome, killed processes etc.. reopened chrome and......nothing again. The window would open but it was wack in the sense that it looked as if it were searching in cache but couldnt connect to the net. Anyway long story short things strarted getting worse from there as I was trying to figure out and fix,I uninstalled and re-installed chrome, as well as other drivers updates programs etcc that had been recently installed and nothing.  I blew through multiple system restores, recovery disk re-boots etc.etc.etc. It was only getting worse and got to the point were I was unable to boot past the "starting windows" screen, my rig kept resetting claiming  some kind of memory dump.  It somehow corrupted my RAID 1 NAS backup as well. Somehow I was able to load into a seperate user account, and have been running a sandobxed version of firefox, which is the only thing working worth a damn right now. I am able to access all of my files luckily when I finally booted and  I actually signed up for Carbonite in desperation yesterday evening and have been uplaoding all my precious files, including 2 years worth of slide scanning and restoration from a project I have been working on to catalog and save all of my grandparents old film and photographs, some dating back to the late 1930's!  I am talking over 20,000 images from film restored and scanned by hand. I have been freaking out. I was planning on doing a complete OS re-install after the backup. But with this news, I will definitly try and update one last time before go for the full re-install. Praying it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



I guess I'm part of the minority of people in Google's study who perfer to buy things online. Almost invariably, you won't get any high end hardware in stores plus its easier to find and compare.

Having only one store in London is not going to help sales. IMO, the people who are more happy to accept the concept of cloud computing are those higher up the tech food chain; the people who say... buy stuff online? xD


Holly Golightly

I feel this is it. Google should instead have their laptops available at stores that already exist. Stores like Frys and MicroCenter. Lets hope they have what it takes to outsell macs. I mean, they are only a 10% minority. So let's see how much of a success it will be in the UK...

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