Google Gives Users the Option to Plan for Their Digital Afterlife



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Maria EC

It's good to see that Google is finally catching up with tools like 'Inactive Account Manager' - This issue will become more and more important in future and it's good to see that it's finally becoming mainstream.. Tool from Google is good, but it solves this problem on one platform - Google. Our life however has digital footprints at many places and a solution from providers such as Google is a step in right direction, but is not sufficient for our complex digital life. Nowadays there are many online products that can help in managing digital estate. I found one of them here called . But the bigger issue is of awareness and posts like these are helpful.


Business Direct

There is a mobile phone requirement to activate it so - to also be cynical - there may be some user authentication or anti-spam motivation involved.



i was reading another article about this topic. That people are leaving instructions in their wills about what to do with their accounts if they die.

This is a new era because its something we never think of. I would like my stuff deleted after a year.

Another step is to setup a file with such accounts user name and passwords to delete your information after your passing. And entrust that info to someone.



I want my data to be removed after 10years of me being dead./

1 years is not long enough I Might have just stopped using the account for a while If I have not used it in 10 years then I am dead.

So not going to use it because I don't want my stuff removed if i stay away from the account for 1 year.



I agree with you there. One year seems too short especially when thinking about certain things that could prevent you from accessing your Google account for a year.



Like me standing in line at the post office today (April 15/tax deadline) trying to send a box to a friend in Germany.



Great idea. No need to be cynical about this, especially since there is nothing wrong with wanting to shave long term storage costs. Google products are largely free to use, so let them worry a little about their storage (if they are doing that, that is). This new service has a benefit for user and provider, no problems there.



I'll be dead, WTF do I care?!?



Well, you *won't* care when you're dead. The point is you should care now.

...unless you have nobody in your life that cares either.



Couldn't have said it better myself.

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