Google Gets US and EU Approval to Buy Motorola



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I only approve of this if Google is doing it strictly for defensive legal reasons, not as more fodder to load into the cannon. I'd rather they not waste their time and resources on filing lawsuits all over the place. They should concentrate on new products and services. That's how they got this big to start with.

If they use the these patents to protect themselves that's ok with me. Nothing wrong with having the patents so you can go into court and say "No, judge, they're wrong. We own this patent here that grants us to do x. Please dismiss this suit."

But if they decide to sick their legal team on the patent pool and look for any opportunity to file their own lawsuit against some other company strictly for the purpose of limiting my free choice of products, then they can go stick it where the sun doesn't shine. I use google products and services because they work and meet my needs, not because I want to support their legal team's retirement portfolio.



Oh, it's great being the government's go-to spy.



Let's see... I was sitting on the fence for my decision of Motorola or Intermec for a rewrite of a large installation. Motorola's association with Google just firmed up my decision to pick Intermec.

I guess who you associate with DOES matter.



i want this patent shit to stop i only approve of google doing this if they ONLY sue Apple who started this whole shit fest



Meh, patents. The US needs a load of different reforms, and patent handling is among them. The fact a single company allegedly invented 17,000 never-before-seen products/components is testament to the fact that the patent office needs a serious makeover.

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