Google Gets Pattern Unlock Patent



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Seriously? I can't believe companies are allowed to patent things as simple as how to unlock your phone. Like that is really an important feature worth patenting. Oh wait, they only do it so they can go around and sue everyone. How many legitimate ways are there to unlock a phone? Slide to unlock still requires a password so what's the big deal?



Seeing what happened when Microsoft, Apple and Oracle colluded to prevent Google from buying up any of Nortel's patents, perhaps Google feels the need to patent whatever they have before their competitors take out a patent on it and try to take it away from them.

I hate patent trolls, but the current process actually encourages companies to do this. If they want to take a principled stand and use patent law fairly, they end up in court spending millions fighting those who have no qualms about abusing the system. Like so many other things, patent trolling begets more patent trolling.

Unfortunately, the only way to overhaul the USPTO system for the 21st century would be to go through Congress, and we already know who they work for.



What????????????? Pattern unlock? Like Windows  8? what happend Microsoft, why you didn't patent this before??? i missing something? 



Maybe I can get a patent on pressing a button to power on a device. Or one for using your eyes to view something.



All these patents are stupid BS in my opinion, it's what's holding us back in having amazing portable devices, but I guess they need more billions of dollars more to sleep at ease at nigth.

And I'm not talking about just Google.

If only the world where perfect.



Touch Gesture Actions From A Device’s Lock Screen sounds much more vague than pattern-unlock. Cyanogenmod has things like tracing a cirgle on the lockscreen to view your caneldar.

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