Google Forced to Retake All Japanese Street View Pictures



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Too bad... this just shows that even great Corporations like Google can make mistakes some time. I love street view, it helped me find some Phoenix theaters while I was on tour in the US. Great piece of software, I just hope they implement it everywhere.



I'm a N. Cal native living in Japan over three years now, and I can assure you that the Japanese sense of privacy is rather different from the American sense of privacy.  As a foreigner looking in, sometimes it seems rediculously lax, and other times it seems over-the-top uptight.  For example, when creating your bank account many banks still collect your ATM card's PIN on plain paper that is handled by numerous bank employees, but on the other hand you can be arrested for photographing a person in a public place.   TV news broadcasts often feature video that's blurred or mosaic'd so heavily one wonders the point of even showing it.  Adult magazines are out on the racks of convenience stores right along with the cooking and beauty tip mags, late-night TV is more lax than that in the states often showing exposed breasts and featuring racey or even rape related storylines, but all porn no matter how many X's it has are legally required to sensor genitalia.  

 Love hotels go to great pains to make their entrances discreet and invisible from the street.  Circumvention of that would be very upsetting.

 This is the reality of international business.  :-) 



"Examples include a high school girl’s chest being touched, a man who
has passed out in his own sick, and a couple entering a “love hotel.”"


I don't know what they're complaining about, when that sounds like your average Japanese day.



lol @ the Japanese game show.

Personally, I don't see why this is an issue.  Anything you do in public is, obviously, open for all to see.  If you care about your privacy, then protect it yourself by not doing embarassing things in the open.



If it was a matter of privacy, that'd be undertstandable, but seriously? All that stuff was happening in plain view anyway. They need to get over this kind of stuff....especially considering the kind of entertainment they've passed on to the rest of the world. XD / O___O



I totally agree. They are doing so with Google just because they can and they want to be something like "See, we banned Google, the great Google ! Thus we have the power"

If people are concerned about their privacy, then they shouldn't do embarrassing things in public in the first place



Could also be that they have another view about privacy than your culture.



So you think the concept of privacy to them would encompass their whole country or something? I'm not getting your logic. Once again, that stuff was happening in public. Though, I guess you wouldn't want that to be shared, but if it really came down to it, google could just blur people's faces beyond recognition.


That's my opinion, anyway. Japan rules, and I'm not trying to be rude. That kind of stuff probably happens in the US at least as much, Google's just not always around to see it.



I mean that it´s not crazy to think that some people wouldn´t like to be showed to the world in some uncomfortable positions. Even if you were "in public" when it happened.

And I understand the original problem was worse, since the cameras were actually taking pictures of people inside their houses.

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