Google Finally Agrees to Hand Over Wi-Fi Data to European Authorities



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All anyone has to do is search for WiFi spying and you will quickly see what you are up against.  The only way to prevent the breach of personal information is to use secure apps with a secure, trusted online service like SwissDisk and... they have free accounts!   There are many webDAV apps out there, some free, like OverTheAir from the itunes app store ... or the Droid and Blackberry fans can get a free for personal use webDAV app from pader-sync ... the bottom line is it's up to you to keep your personal information out of harms way... Big Brother, spys, thieves, criminals are on every corner (Google Eye is watching) so if you trust your info over an open/unsecure link then it's just a matter of time until someone out there is playing with your info and that could come at a very high cost in time and a big headache to cure



Remember when Google's motto was "don't be evil"?

Hahahaha, good times.



I'm sure Google secured a copy of all that information for itself.



So now not only does Google have all this spy data, but half the governments of Europe do too. :/



And I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn't been for you meddling kids!


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