Google Fiber One Step Closer To Reality In KC



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Makes me wish I never left Kansas City.



I live in a Rural city and I wish I had that right now I have 3G and I can't even stream a 56Kbps Audio Stream and there is no DSL or cable internet were I live only Dial-up, Satellite Internet, and 3G. Before I moved here there was DSL then as I was moving and got settled that ran out of DSL Slots and all Verizon is offering here is Dial-up 46.6Kbps



You know what? I just want something faster then my 1.5 Advertised (0.80-1.1 actural) bandwidth I get now. Im only 30 min away from the largest city in my state and a 5 minute drive to 20Mbps down! WTF Qwest!!! Come on comcast take qwest bussiness away from them by running cable to my home! Yes I said it I would be happy to be with comcast cuz this Qwest net SUCKS!!! Fastest they offer me since there is no cable. Im on crap phone line net. The pings suck and the downloads are in consistent!!!



Uhh, before guys get too excited, remember Chattanooga, TN has had 1 Gbp/s internet since 2010 on EPB Fiber Optics.



Don't get excited?  Anything that is going on in TN has nothing to do with a new service rolling out in my city.  Very few places in our country have access to 1 Gbps/s internet and you can bet that google will not only roll this thing out to the rest of the country eventually but they will probally make an effort to get some of epb's customer base.






I just looked and it's $350 a month for that service!




I live in KC and we have been hearing about this coming from the very first anouncements and all I can say is, 




I can't wait for this to roll out and destroy the hold that time warner has in this city!



Oh how I would love Google to be sharing some of that love over in Washington state. :)



Hells yeah!!! (another Washingtonian here)



I got 25/25 FIOS not too long ago. Gotta find things for my server to do with that, don't know what I'd do with 1000/1000. Stream HD video, maybe?


Brock Kane

You serious? You don't know what to do with 1000/1000?

Here, let me help, here are some examples:

1. VOIP Telephone

2. Online gaming via, Computer, XBox, Playstation, ect.

3. Stream Movies, sports, and all TV.

4. Wired House via Networking from you IPAD's to your Automobile!

5. Downloading huge game files or movies, music.

6. Video conferencing

7. Wireless Printing

8. Having many computers, laptops, game systems, tablets all using the Internet at the same time. With NO LAG!

Probably a few more that I could not think of. Please don't say "Don't know what to do with 1000/1000"

Once that technology finally reaches us, believe me, you find ways to use that much broadband. But it's all MOOT, if the ISP's continue to CAP us on usage!



Now's when, what is arguably, the worst of delays will start.

There is a deceptive amount of red tape that gets flagged when you start looking for ways to lay down cables; mostly because the best way to lay cable is to use existing spaces that already house cable pathways. This means digging up sidewalks and streets for long runs and both public and pirvate property for short runs. It can takes months to get the permits for a single stretch that you can layout in a day. It's probably the most frustrating part.



You forget.  it normally takes that long.  Google is dealing with small local governments, and has nearly infinite money to throw at pushing the permits through the express lane.




Local governments aren't the problem (directly, they do act as a sort of proxy, but that's not their fault), it's the local businesses. You ever try to work with AMTRAK? Once we needed to move a single power line pole over 2 feet and, since it was theirs, we needed their permission. We didn't need to rewire and the line already had too much slack. It was just moving a wooden pole two feet over. It took AMTRAK 15 years to consider letting us do the work (luckily, I had joined 14 years into this). And this wasn't a small scale project, we were building a multimillion dollar, medium-span bridge so that the garbage trucks could bias pass having to carry full loads of garbage through a heavy populated neighborhood on their way to the dump site. And this is so common, it's not even considered news worthy. Money helps, but only so far.


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