Google Falls off Most Trusted Companies List



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What a silly question. You can't "trust" companies, because companies aren't people. Corporate culture changes as personell change. The only consistency in any corporation's culture is the need to be profitiable, and that's not a motivation that screams "trust me."



Keith E. Whisman

lol I like the name of that institute. Just look at how it's spelled. I would love to find their campus so I can on a daily basis change that first N into a K.



My friend, I call him Chaz, worked as a software engineer at J&J.

He stopped working with them when he found out how untrusworthy they were.

Granted, they probably are good at keeping client secrets.



Apple a Trusted company?  how funny.  This just goes to show what market spin can do.  The only difference between apple and microsoft in terms of trust is percieved, not actual.

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