Google Failed To Delete All Streetview Data Due to “Human Error”



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If every think is work good then I am sure that we will defiantly able to travel through the driver less car very soon.



What most people don't realize is that almost ALL WiFi signals are easily intercepted; encryption that keeps out most of the entry level people.

Please someone try to show me that they believe their WiFi is properly secured; and I'll show them exactly how easy it is to get completely through it.

Would everyone out there still have little sympathy for someone whom could not completely secure their network? Which is why (btw); that most of the banking industry does not use items like WiFi



Yes, "Human Error" That they stole data and have who knows how much marketable data remaining on there servers.

The fines will be small change compared to potential glimpses into users habits and whatever other details they can get a heads up on.



They shouldn't have to delete the data at all.

These people were idiots. They were broadcasting unencrypted wifi data on the public airwaves. Google happened to intercept them.

If someone is screaming their personal information out at the top of their lungs and you just happen to hear it, does that mean that you should legally have to forget it?



You make it sound like the data was in a locked safe or something. The data is floating around the air, either encrypted or unencrypted. In this case it was the latter, which ANYONE could could get. It's kinda like garbage: Once you put your can at the street, it is considered fair game and no longer "private".

Just encrypt your shit.



They shouldn't be fined at all. They collected publicly broadcast WiFi information while driving around. Those people should have used encryption it's their own fault. Besides google doesn't need to look at wifi data to know what you are doing online, most sites use google ads which log user info anyway.


Peanut Fox

Google was under investigation for their actions in collecting this data. They repeatedly delayed and ignored the FCC during the investigation, and then failed to dispose of the data as per the agreement.

When Google received a green light to send their vehicles out to collect specific information relating to Street View. Collecting random WiFi data was not okay.

Weather the data was easily or freely accessible isn't the issue. The problem is that a large company is taking advantage of people, and the FCC acted in the people's best interest to protect people's privacy. Just because you park your car on a public road way and leave your keys in it doesn't make it okay for me to take it. Given the option or had these folks have known they would have likely done something about it.

All in all. Yes Google should be fined, and a hell of a lot more than what they will receive.



Since when does one need the FCC's permission to drive around on the road?

I think the government needs to mind their own business and I think that people need to learn to secure their networks.

This is not like leaving the keys in your car. This is like someone standing on the street corner and shouting their personal information. You can't help but listen as you are a captive audience. This is no different. Google cannot choose what wireless signals come at them and if some moron doesn't know how to secure their network, I have no sympathy for them.

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