Google Execs Face Criminal Charges Over Online Video



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And then ban any computer from Italy from accessing Google services of any kind.  That way, they can't accidentally 'do evil', and the Italian government will probably (judging from their current actions) be dumb enough to think they have won a victory.

Props to Google for defending its people... they've got a lot of passionate and ethical people working there.  I think Italy is doing this as a power play to get leverage over Google (who knows why?) and should be, as a nation, shown the door by Google.  Some customers need firing, and this is a pretty good example of that kind of situation.  Maybe after a formal apology from the Italian gov't, services could be restored (for a fee? BWAHAHAHA).

Anyone know if there are any Italy-based search engines having a particularly hard time right now? Hmmm... I love conspiracies.




Keith E. Whisman

This just proves my assumptions were correct that Italy is a totaly backwards imbesselic sad excuse for a country. Actually Italy is far more backwards than even our country.



This is complete BS. It sounds like there needs to a be a series of international laws so that people understand what the Internet's really for: a completely free place where anybody can do anything on any website that they have access, and they can pay the penalties for.


Google is completely innocent for once. It was their website, their turf, but they can't screen videos before they show up on Youtube, or is that what the Italians think (the prosecutors)?



If you read the "TERMS OF SERVISE" you are limeted in what you can post. The problem is most people don't read it or they just post what they want. Sites need to be proactive instead of reactive.



I'm a retard!!



I still don't get how you can hold a company like youtube responsible for what its users post post especially when google did its best to fix it

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