Google Exec Reports 1.5 Million Daily Android Activations



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Only had to beat Apple (stubbornness and arrogance gets you nowhere), Microsoft and Blackberry too late to the join the party.



Google is Giant and people love it. So the numbers automatically go up!



1.5 million daily activation is an unbeatable number I guess!! Reminds me of the days the BlackBerry used to dominate the U.S. markets, europe and the whole world after.That domination kept going for almost 8 years and I wonder how long Android may keep going.

By the way I'm not an Android user and I cannot stand it at all. Not supporting the iOS or the jerks of Apple but they truly produce a rock solid stable OS; I started using smart phones with the iPhone 4G and tried to shift to Android several times but I just couldn't :(



I wonder if people loading custom ROMs on their android devices count as "activations"? That could inflate the numbers quite a bit.



Activations are only counted on new devices. Not flashing ROMs, resetting the phone or otherwise because an activation is tied to a unique hardware identifier IIRC.



Started with a Motorola Droid, moved to a Samsung Galaxy Nexus and also have a GalaxyTab 10.1 and Nexus 10, so yes, I use Android a lot.



I do use Android on 2 different phones: one entry level LG from 3 years back and one flagship Samsung from last year.

Looking to get a cheap tablet sometime soon.

I work with mobile devices so I get to see most of the flagships... which is nice, can`t wait to see the updated Nexus 7

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