Google Enters the Browser Market with Open-Source "Chrome"



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When I search CNN in Chrome, I get directed to, which Whois shows as a Russian site.  This doesn't happen in Firefox or IE.  Try it in Chrome and let me know if you get similar results, or tell me I have spyware that has escaped my filter.



I haven't tried Chrome yet, but when I go to in Opera, it redirects me to Google. 



Yeah I just tried it too in Chrome...searching "CNN" in the address bar, and I also tried going to and doing a search with the site's search function, and both worked properly for me (no redirects).

I'd start looking for no-no-ware on your machine 



Do you mean typing "CNN" in the search/address bar at the top of the browser?  I kind of expected it to behave a little more AwesomeBar-like and actually direct me to CNN's website, but instead it just directed me to a page of Google results for that query.  Hard to explain what's going on with that redirect you're getting, though.



google chrome has a porn button like IE8just rightclick on a link and click open in incognito window in chrome



Chrome = Specialty Firefox

 Just go to the Mozilla developer section and look up documents headed with "sandbox", then for a bigger suprise look ones headed with "chrome", and though they are rather vague documents, they have been there for some time!! It is no secret that Firefox and Google colaborated on this one, it even says it on the BBS news cap on the subject, and according to BBC Google and Mozilla are to collaborate "for some time". It is no lie that Google has been borrowing from the open source community for some time, that became blatently appearent when they released the Linux distro called gOS. How else can the Google search engine make Liver Search seem to suck so quickly as it did (Liver Search undoubtably runs on Window$ and it's spider engine probably flops aroung like a gimpy quadripaligac compared to Google's spider engine which secretly doesn't). At least Google isn't trying to reinvent the wheel, repeatedly, like M$ DOeS !!!


Linux = the Future NOW!!



Its ok, but if there's no adblock or similar extension, I won't use it.



There's no home button, you have to open a new tab to go back to the start page, that is really annoying.



go to the customize and control menu (the wrench-looking icon), then options, and on the "basics" tab there's an option to "show home button on toolbar"



Haha Im using chrome right now its good and faster than firefox 3.1



Using Chrome now. It's a bit weird, but not a bad weird. 



That comic strip they made is damn funny!  But actually pretty educational too...sounds like they've got some damn good ideas going into this, it'll be great to see some of them in action soon.  Google has obviously been laying the groundwork for this for a while...after reading that info it's easy to see some of the technologies have already been fleshed out in apps like Gmail etc.

What's really funny though is two of the panels from the one there's an IM conversation where one of the replies is "OMFG!"...and in another there's a browser with in the address bar LOL


Talcum X

 And Google paid Mozilla how much to be top search engine?  Now they are going to compete in the open source browser market?  Makes no sence to me, anyways.  Tho, I'm curious what they bring to the table. I'm sure whatever it is, FireFox wont be far behind.


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