Google Earth's NYC Gets Photo-Realistic Makeover



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Can you fly into any of the buildings?

 Ouch, too soon?



Yes, too soon. But you're comment brings up concerns I had yesterday when I saw this. Depending on the accuracy of the layout, this could be used as a tool for plans by 'bad guys'. And not just the deadly kind of bad guys. Bank robbers, etc. as well.

None-the-less, it's a cool feature. And the fear of it being used for bad shouldn't stop the world from enjoying it. Especially since there's already plenty of maps, pics, etc. that could also be used. Just a thought.



I don't mean to be a buzz kill, but they have had this for a very long time in other cities.  Denver, Chicago, Dalas...all got this like a year ago.  Why is it such big news for New York?



Excellent work Andy! This is very very cool.

If only my iPhone could do this...

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