Google Dumps Toolbar Support For Firefox



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I have uninstalled yahoo toolbar causing IE to not function too many times to count. Toolbars in the web browser are straight up worthless.



"Toolbars" bring back memories of when I was a naive web browser and messed up my computer (when it was running XP at the time).  The numerous times I've had to use various AV programs (Spy Sweeper, Ad-Aware, and up to Malwarebytes) as well as a few re-formats here and there (re-installing XP seemed to take forever) had me learn what to do and what not to do.  Every time I install a program that I have to use to do something asks me to install a toolbar, I always uncheck that option.  I really don't care whether it makes things better or not.  Unfortunately, my oldest brother is none the wiser and ends up messing his computer up in ways that are a PITA to fix (actually I'm still trying to figure out what the hell is causing redirects in both IE and Chrome).


Holly Golightly

I have never been a fan of toolbars. They make the browser look thick. I have always preferred FireFox's FoxScape theme plain as is... On FireFox5, you can set Google as your default search on the address bar. Which I don't, but for those who like to "Google" the web, that is one way to do things. Still not as cool as other more private search engines like IXquick. With that said, things have been looking pretty grim for Mozilla FireFox... But no matter, I will continue to use it.



Now if Google would drop support for the other browsers, we'd be set.


Serously, why would you want Google Toolbar, it has been unecessary since IE7 came out, and that assumes you use IE.


Kill all toolbars except for AV ones, which usually have some useful function. Otherwise, my plane jane borwser will do fine.



I wonder if Firefox 6 will have Bing bar support as well as a homepage.




One of the things I have never understood is the plethora of toolbars I see installed on browsers. I love my Firefox; in fact I am using the newest beta right now. I also love my addons, which is the mail reason I use Firefox not Chrome for my browsing needs. With that all said I have exactly ZERO toolbars installed on any of my browsers.

I work as a repair tech at a local computer shop and am regularly amazed at the number of toolbars I see installed on machines. the most I have seen is 17 on a 17inch monitor at 1024x768 there was 2.5 inches of viewable web page. WTF! I say kill the Google toolbar for all browsers and all the other tool bars while you’re at it.

Really what is the benefit of the Google toolbar? Gmail notification my iPhone lets me know when i get new mail since i read most of my mail on my iPhone any ways. Easy Google search? That is built in to all modern browsers. Bookmarks sync? No thanks xmarks has that covered without the toolbar. What is the POINT of it?





The yahoo toolbar, bing bar, google bar, etc are "nicey nice" things, mostly harmless but I think they track. At the least they are ever present advertisement.

The other bars typically seen are either some specialty bar or downright malware/spyware. The coupon bars come to mind. The Alot bar is malware. I treat the Ask bar as malware as well.

Be suspicious of things that install themselves, I always say. It's like an unsolicited phone call trying to sell you something - rarely is it something you need.

For the guy who had 17 toolbars, he didn't install them intentionally, they were done for him. By websites or crap apps where the box is pre-checked to install whiz-bang toolbar 3.0!!! whoo hoo.



Agreed, the only toolbar I have instealled is TooManyTabs, because it synchronizes across Xmarks (unlike firefox synch, which I have never had luck with)



Completely agree, Everything seems to have it's own toolbar, time to get rid of them. No toolbars here either.



I customized my Google Toolbar fairly heavily, and used it as a substitute for the Bookmarks Toolbar (half/half), so I'm sad to see it go.  Oh, well, I guess I'll check out Google's suggestions or come up with a new solution of my own.  I guess it's time for me to bring back Firefox's search box -- or maybe use its location bar for searching like Chrome does.



without tweaks in recent versions and with tweaks in older versions



yeah, pretty much right, there's like a dozen Gmail notifiers, which is the only common function of the google bar I can think of not natively in the fox. Now, once Plus starts to take off with more funcionality, we may see a return of the google bar to firefox.

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