Google Drops Holiday Chrome Bomb with New OS Support, Extensions



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nsk chaos

hello from my chrome browser on my ubuntu laptop!!! lovin it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xD



I mostly run linux (ubuntu specifically), and have been playing with the chromium builds since they ran well on my machine.  The chromium build just before this beta was actually better (had more features and developer tools) than the windows stable build...which I was actually surprised to see.  The beta though...I am loving it.  It's just as good as the last chromium build, if not better...and extensions!  Lack of extensions support was the only thing keeping me from ditching ff3.5 for chrome.  I haven't found a couple of my favorite ff extension's equivalents yet for chrome...but I may just build them myself.  I think my days with FF may be done...I really really like this browser.  Fast, WAY more stable for me than FF ever has been (once in a long while ff crashes or does something stupid, chrome hasn't so far...), and now it has my most loved feature that I ran firefox for...extensions.

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