Google Drive Update Enables Offline Support for Documents



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Business Direct

The consistent offline requirement was a concern when I didn't have a WIFI connection on my Google Nexus 7 tablet. This happens weekly when I'm visiting one client or another. Google's stance on being cloud centric brings has me wondering why there isn't cellular support for their tablets. Weird.



I have to install Chrome for this? I'd rather install MSOFFICE. It defeats part of the point of web-based cloud computing when the terminal requires a special web browser to enable it; so much for "browser independence".

When is Google going to get around to fixing the long load times for documents, even those stored offline, and lack of features on their Android app? When are they going to fix the bloat and streamline their web-based spreadsheet system for PC? I ask because my netbook is noticeably slower working with my online simple spreadsheets than is my desktop and that should not be the case as it also defeats part of the point of cloud computing: standardized, offloaded computation.

Sometimes I wonder how Google has gotten as far as they have when nearly everything they do is a kludge.



How the hell do you expect offline documents to work without installing some kind of software? You can still use the online mode in whatever browser you want...

Its not realistic at all to expect documents to work offline without having something installed...

A small plugin, even if attached to a browser, is still a much smaller footprint on your PC than MS Office is...



He's not upset about having something installed, he's upset that Google isn't giving everyone a fair playing field by only implementing it in their browser, and not giving other browsers even the chance to compete. I think people wouldn't be upset if they created an API for offline documents, which browsers or add-on developers can implement.


The Mac

Why the hell would they want other browsers to use it?

That would be extremely poor business practice.

Its their product, their browser...makes perfect sense to me.

Chrome+plugin is still less of a footprint than a local package.



That logic, for better or worse, doesn't seem to hold in the software world. Microsoft will attest to that.

Allowing competing browsers to use your cloud service is common sense, has fairly common analogs in the software world (iPhone can check gmail, macs have bootcamp, etc) and strikes me as prudent when Chrome occupies a fairly low % of browsers in use. Unless, of course, they're trying to compel us to use Chrome (which would make 'em worse than M$ was found to be) and if that is the case then they will certainly fail with me. It'd take a greater incentive to get me back on Chrome.

Yesterday I discovered that Google doesn't allow multiple image files to be simultaneously uploaded to Drive from Android (via stock apps) and that when they're uploaded individually it is a crapshoot as to whether or not Google actually receives them, despite sending confirmation to my Android device. Google, please fix Google Docs. Please.


The Mac

Considering Chrome's market penetration, no competing browers does not make sense.

If the "must have" service is only on their browser, then people will migrate.

My guess is you aren't a business person..


The Mac

Theyve gotten this far because its all free.

MS, not so much.

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