Google Doesn't Think it has a Monopoly on Ebooks



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Maybe it's just me, but I don't really see the issue here. What exactly is the problem with Google giving away public domain books? As long as they're only making public domain books available and not books that still hold copyrights, being the best and fastest at doing it should not instantly make them a monopoly. Now, if they're giving away copyrighted material, they should be called out for it, but not just because other companies are unable to pull themselves together enough to compete with them.

Where exactly does the crying monopoly and anti-trust thing end?
I enjoy doing sleight of hand tricks. There's a guy in Las Vegas named Mike Close that is much better than I am to the point that I am unable to compete with him. Now, at what point can I say that he holds a monopoly on close up sleight of hand tricks because do to his many, many years of practice he has created a huge gap between his skill and everyone else's that I've seen?
But I digress.
I do not believe that a company should instantly be labeled a monopoly because no other company is willing push themselves the next level to complete on equal footing. Any company that expects a handout from someone else that's doing a better job deserves to be crushed.



Can someone explain why google will have a monopoly? What's stopping any other company from doing the exact same thing? Just because copyright holders have agreed to allow Google to scan their works doesn't mean Google has exclusive rights to do so. Any other competitor could come along and do the same thing. Don't get me wrong, it's good that there are people out there checking up on Google, or any other huge company with lots of power, but in this case I'm a little confused why there is so much pressure against this project.

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