Google Docs Suffers Outage



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   My wife asked me to print up a bunch of text documents yesterday, when i suddenly realized that I hadn't bothered to install a single office type app.  I also didn't want to bother picking up open office (i am limited to a 1.5gb dsl line) because of time so I figured "hey!  now's a good time to try out this google docs thing!"  As it happened, it wasn't available...guess I won't try this cloud thing again anytime soon since I always got along fine without it.



A wise man once said "This is why you can't count on this cloud bullshit"



Why would anybody trust all of their hard work to The Cloud? I mean think of it. What makes up a cloud? The same stuff of which fog is made - water vapor. Need I say more?



"That's why you can't count on this cloud bullshit!!"

--Gordon Ung

(After some shit he needed for the podcast got DDOS'ed) LOL



I have to agree with what everyone else has said so far, however I do really like Dropbox, it makes sharing files with friends and projects super easy, and it's a great way to have access to some important files I am currently working with from any computer at home and at work. It does have it's place but I wouldn't use it for anything really sensitive or secret and I don't want everything to go cloud for the very reason this article and previous commenters point out not to mention security concerns.



Same here, Drop box is great. I don't really see it as a cloud application though. It simply replaces the old e-mailing an attachment to you hotmail/gmail account. Though it's a 100 times easier to use and you don't have to email stuff to anyone if you don't want to, :)

To me cloud based is more about applications that could be done on the desktop but use a cloud based server to do the "heavy" lifiting instead.

I just had a thought. What if all these cloud based applications aren't about user convinence but it's a way to counter opensource/freeware. I mean if Openoffice (or libra, what ever the latest OS version is) is a free office suite how do you counter it. Well give away a "free" service that's cloud based and the publisher is compensated threw advertising revenue.

I knew there had to be a reason for all this stupidity. lol



Count me in on the anti-cloud movement.

The main thing that I don't understand about this big move to consumer cloud systems. What problems are they solving? With even the cheapest systems having more then enough power to use desktop applications for most of these basic tasks why are we exchanging system bottle necks for network ones?

The only use I see for a cloud is like the one at my workplace. It's a supermarket chain and all the applictions are on a main server so any price changes or new signage, etc, can be quickly updated and controlled. As well this gives a better level of security because anyone trying to commit price fraud or what have you can only do it  threw the main server which is monitored.

But if I want to edit photos I have to go on the net? Doesn't make too much sense unless this is a move to make computing more like using a utlity. Well then I just have to have a basic "dumb" terminal and all the heavy lifting is done by the servers. But that means we could go back to the single core P4 days for all the good any extra system performance would give us.

Company "in house" cloud systems make sense that's why they've had them for years. But this move to consumer cloud based applications is a bit of a fad as far as I'm concerned.






I don't use google docs very often, but I was actually using it today when it went out. Kinda annoying, but I just finished the small thing I was writing in gmail :/



VOUCH...The CLOUD is quite possibly the biggest mistake this country will have ever made ^^



Another reason I will never use Skynet! Sorry i meant Cloud.

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