Google Confirms Development of Chrome for Metro



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"according to an MSDN whitepaper"

thank you MaximumPC for doing some actual-factual research, unlike some of the other articles related to 8 recently!



This just in: When the next OS comes out form Microsoft, there will be browsers developed for it.

Fucken incredible.



Is it true that the new xbox will be a laptop with windows 8, kinect (integrated in the screen) , and xbox 360 games compatible?



chrome was not so good till now, most people use firefox wich is faster and better



Nearly everything in your comment is wrong. Your facts, punctuation, spelling, all wrong.



Don't know about the facts there. I find Chrome to be more problematic than Firefox, and the speed is about the same. It always boils down to hardware it is run on and personal preference. If one prefers one piece of software over another they will always find faults.



although 'stock' FireFox does have some serious issues integrating with Windows especially with certain devices or security applications

I've seen Windows Updates, Activations, Validations, Defender scannings, driver installs and basic netowrking tasks even (filesharing, printing) miserably fail with either an outdated version or a new version with old plugins\extensions or even just upon installation . . . granted a lot of that can most likely be attricuted to OEM or model-specific Windows image cusotmizations and the situation has markedly improved with the maturity of WaterFox and Pale Moon and Mozilla finally tackling pervasive resource management fail



There's definitely a bad moon on the rise :(



"It’s now known that Windows 8 supports three categories of web browsers: desktop, Metro style and Metro style enabled desktop browser."

Well, so much for simplifying the Windows Experience. We have 3 versions of web browsers due to the new UI, we're straddled between 32-bit and 64-bit worlds, and we're going to add the ARM processor to all of this.

Microsoft, you're making a total mess of Windows.



actually even though metro apps are completely portable (even between ARM & X86, 'web' and managed code ftw!) WinRT is always 'native' from the perspective of the system

also the dual metro/desktop browsers MUST have 64-bit 'mode' toggle capability just like IE10 in Win8 (...and W7 SP2, unclear to date if SP1 gets this)

that means the 32-bit v. 64-bit issue is only an issue on the classic desktop environment of 64-bit Windows which means unless there's a major browser vendor that doesn't develope an installation option specific to Windows 8 (I'm thinking crApple, Opera is usually very good about integrating with Windows especially when compard to Google and Mozilla's histories) there will always be one and only one browsing experience\platform regardless of what your default browser is unless you purposefully install an outdated version of an legacy Win32 x86-32-bit-only browser in your desktop.



I'm convinced that if Android had device support and distribution similar to Ubuntu(meaning it could be put on any desktop, laptop, tablet, etc for free with no special ROM development needed) and had an emulation layer for x86 applications, then Windows would probably be dead in the water before the time came to release Windows 9. You'd only see Windows on desktops, work machines, etc. Anything that can move, be it a laptop, tablet, or phone would have Android.

Easier said than done, though. Just a hypothetical idea that is never going to happen, probably. The Android x86 project is a start, but compatibility is dismal.

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