Google: Concerns Over Docs Safety Overblown



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Keith E. Whisman

With cloud computing you may as well print magazines with your sensitive data in them and give them away befor Google or google employees can sell that information to the highest bidder or anyone willing to pay the fee.

And if it's not google that does this then it will be someone else in the Cloud Computing industry. It's going to happen. People are greedy and that is a good thing but it also drives people to do bad things as well. Greed and the wish to not live on the streets with the smelly bums keeps me working. And any chance an employee gets to make a buck on the side I'm sure that about half of the employees that have access to sensitive data will corrupt themselves for the right price. Hell I've got a price.

About $5.63 but I'll probably do anything for just about any price except perform favors for M. Jackson that's an old and crued joke. 



What should be done is that sensitive material can certainly be stored elsewhere, but it must be encrypted and decrypted on the client.  I don't want Google having access to my files in any readable format, but I'd certainly be willing to use cloud computing services if I can ensure that my data is protected.  This may not be workable for all of the scenarios that are out there, but it comes down to a judgment call as usual, is convenience or security more important to you?


ghot matter how you dress it up, Google   :/


Take an OS, and edit out all the efficiency, and what you have left is a post-XP Microsoft operating system :)



There's a LOT of difference between a relatively minor failure like this one, that caused no apparent harm, and a disastrous failure like we've seen with AIG or the SEC (among many others).  Trying to roll them all into one category is just ridiculous.

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